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1. Exercise: Compare blogging sites

March 5, 2008


Visit at least two different blogging sites (or, better still, register with them (next module) — it will make the exercise easier). Explore the functionality of each (e.g., WordPress, Blogger, Moveable Type), especially noting

  • What sort of support is provided? FAQs? Forums?
  • Can you moderate comments?
  • Can you remove posted information quickly?
  • What are the conditions of use of the blog?
  • Can you customise the look of the blog?
  • Can you add widgets?
  • Can the blog have multiple authors?
  • How much space is your blog allocated?
  • Are there any ongoing or hidden costs?
  • Can you set up static pages?
  • What are the privacy options?
  • Can you delete the blog?

Blog your discoveries.