FAQs: Ack! What happened?!

Having trouble? Here are some things that might help.


Q. Ack! My visual editor has gone! How do I restore it?

A. Go to your profile by clicking on your user name at the top where it says, “Howdy, [username]!”. Go to Personal options and check the ‘Use visual editor when writing’ box.


Q. How do I order my pages?

A. Go to Write Page > Page Order > open the options and fill in the field.


Q. I have ordered my pages in ‘Write Page’, but my pages still aren’t displaying as I want them.

A. Go to Design > Widgets > Current Widgets > Pages widget > Sort by > Page order.


Q. I want more visual editing options, such as the ability to change font colour, specify heading level or use symbols.

A. The visual editor has ‘advanced’ options. Click on the advanced visual editor options symbol in the visual editor’s tool bar and extra options will show up.


Q. I changed my page permalink and now I get a 404. Ack!

A. Go to Manage > Pages. Click on ‘Edit’ for page that’s getting the error message. Go to Pupblish Status. Reset the page as Unpublished and then Save. Now Go back and re-publish the page (i.e., Manage > Pages > Edit (for error page) > Publish. Should sort it.


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