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2. Exercise: Explore WordPress

March 5, 2008

tools-48x48.pngHave a tool around the WordPress user interface (i.e., the bit where you make your blog happen — the admin interface — not the bit where the world can see your blog). What features have you noticed? What terms are unfamiliar? What do you think they might mean? Make a note of terms that seem a bit unusual: ask your classmates if they know what they refer to, ask me (in class) or google it (e.g., google “what does blogroll mean?”). If you wanted to write a post or a page, where would you do it? How would you change the look of your site? What sorts of things can you change under ‘Options’? Where would you add other authors to your blog?


1. Exercise: Compare blogging sites

March 5, 2008


Visit at least two different blogging sites (or, better still, register with them (next module) — it will make the exercise easier). Explore the functionality of each (e.g., WordPress, Blogger, Moveable Type), especially noting

  • What sort of support is provided? FAQs? Forums?
  • Can you moderate comments?
  • Can you remove posted information quickly?
  • What are the conditions of use of the blog?
  • Can you customise the look of the blog?
  • Can you add widgets?
  • Can the blog have multiple authors?
  • How much space is your blog allocated?
  • Are there any ongoing or hidden costs?
  • Can you set up static pages?
  • What are the privacy options?
  • Can you delete the blog?

Blog your discoveries.